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About Online Courses for Horses

The Nash Academy now offers two online courses about horses, "Understanding the Horse" and "Taking Care of the Horse."
These courses give you an in-depth introduction into the world of this most beautiful creature, including horse behavior, horse health and nutrition, common horse illnesses and accidents and how to treat them, grooming, and the safe carrying out of common elements of daily interaction with horses. Working with horses is the dream of many, and it is a dream that can be achieved. There are many different types of jobs in horse-related businesses, from the race track to the breeding farm to the show ring, and this course offers an introduction to this world for those whose love of horses leads them to consider making this love a profession, or for those who quite simply love their horses.

The course content has been created by Roberta Smoodin, our very own specialist in understanding and taking care of the horse. Roberta also teaches these courses so you owe it to yourself to take them as instructor driven so you have the opportunity to participate in her discussion rooms and receive as much information as you can from this expert!

After completion of these courses, the virtual books are yours to keep. You will read them over and over because you can't get enough of this vital information and you will not find it anywhere presented in such a unique way as Roberta has provided for you.

Enroll now and make these books part of your virtual library.