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About Nash Approved On the Job Training Site

Role of the Nash Approved On the Job Training Site
The role of the OJT site, participating in the Nash System, is to provide employment to students who must work to complete their practical skills training Salons offering on the job training make dreams come true for individuals who cannot afford to pay for the practical skills training and cannot secure financing or be without a weekly salary for an extended amount of time.

Thank you, on the job training sites, for partnering with Nash to train the pet care professionals of tomorrow to be the best of the best!

About a Nash Approved On the Job Training Site Employment
A Nash Approved On the Job Training Site is typically a salon seeking to hire a cat or dog bather, groomer and/or stylist. The salon offers on the job training to students who have completed or are enrolled in the online courses required to receive a diploma in the art of bathing, grooming, and styling the dog and/or cat.

Your Status at a Practical Skills Site Offering On the Job Training - Employee
If you apply for a job position, as a beginner, at one of the OJT sites, and the salon agrees to hire you before or after successful completion of your online training, you are considered an employee of the salon. You should receive a pay check from the salon during your on the job training. The salary is determined by the individual salon and should be agreed upon when you start your employment.

Do I Pay a Tuition Fee for My Practical Skills Training?
The On the Job Training Site offers just what it says. It is a paid on the job training position at a salon while you receive training in practical skills. The site does not receive monetary compensation from a school to oversee or train you in practical skills. You are considered an employee and should receive a salary during this time. If you attend an OJT site, you do not pay a tuition fee or an administrative fee to the school for your onsite training. You must, however, pay the test out fee required for practical skills and successfully complete the required trim styles to receive credit for your on the job training to receive your diploma from the Nash Academy.

Test Out Required After Your On the Job Training
After you complete your onsite practical skills training sessions at your on the job training site, you can attend the Nash Academy or a Nash Approved test out site to successfully complete the required trim styles to receive your diploma and certification.

Nash Approved Test Out Sites
Nash Approved Test Out Sites are located at all schools and training sites using the Nash System. Temporary test out sites are held at grooming facilities and at the International Judges Association for Dog and Cat Grooming Competitions (IJAonline.com) to accommodate bathers, groomers, and stylists worldwide to test out of their practical skills (trim styles) and receive a diploma in the art of bathing, grooming and styling dogs and cats.

Credit for Trim Styles - IJA Test Out
The Nash System recognizes and accepts credit for the certification scores and competition rankings by the International Judges Association if you compete in a competition or complete a certification.

How Does Credit for Certification Work?
IJA ranks competitors and certifies bathers, groomers, and stylists as a Novice, Master, Expert or Specialist. If you compete in an IJA Sanctioned Grooming Competition or participate in an IJA Sanctioned Certification, you can receive credit for the trim style by submitting the before and after photos and the ranking to Nash Academy.

The Nash System also accepts credit if you have certified with other types of certification organizations such as IPG, ISCCS or NDGA. To receive credit for previous certifications on the required trim styles, you request the required documentation and submit it to the Nash Academy.

Who Will Teach Me?
A Nash Approved On the Job Training Site is not required to employ a Nash System Certified  Practical Skills Instructor, however, they typically employ a master or an expert stylist in the art of bathing, grooming, and styling the canine. It is in the best interest of the salon to make sure to have a well trained professional in charge of training new employees. If you attend an OJT site with an excellent reputation in reference to the overall bathing, grooming, and styling services, you should be trained to the same high standard. In fact, the professional stylist in charge of overseeing your on the job training could be one of the top grooming contest competitors in the world! Start your research today.

If you can't find a Nash Approved OJT Site near you or in your home town, find a salon you would like to work in and ask if they would like to be a Nash Approved OJT. Participating in the Nash Approved OJT program is the best way for salons to find their professional bathers, groomers, and stylists.