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About Our Famous Online Courses for Dogs, Cats & Horses

In 2004, the Nash Academy Revolutionized the Pet Care Profession by Presenting its First Series of Online Courses
The Nash online courses are the best in the pet care industry today. Online courses are open 24/7 so you can access your course and study anywhere, at anytime.

Virtual Books
Our online courses include virtual books that are never outdated with interactive features to help you study and better understand the content. After completion of the course, the virtual books included in the courses are yours to start your own 21st Century Virtual Library so you can continue your studies and can reference the material in the virtual books anytime - anywhere.

Setting a Standard
The Nash System of online courses fully prepares our students for the hands-on portion of their training or gives instant access to our students who are participating in the traditional type training with a complete vocabulary of professional terminology and a thorough grasp of the theory of bathing, grooming and styling.

When our students complete the online before attending the practical, they stand by their grooming table with a dog, already familiar with the necessary tools, equipment, safety gear and overall salon procedures. They are not starting from square one. They are prepared to become excellent bathers, groomers and stylists, and no one knows that any better than a Nash graduate.

When traditional students begin their onsite and take the online training during their practical skills, the information is at their fingertips with a click of a mouse and encourages our students to study the important information to move forward with the hands on training with ease.

We welcome you to experience the Nash Experience...

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