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Career Opportunities Working with Cats

UPDATE: Incuded in Diploma Program: Nash Academy will be offering bather, groomer and stylist certification by coat types and a series of safety certifications to prepare Nash Students for State Licensing! The first grooming school to offer all aspects of safety certification to make our graduates specialists in safety at all times working with man's best friend.

Working With Felines....
So Exciting So Rewarding and So Much in Demand

Work every day in a profession where your work is your passion through education at one of the most innovative pet grooming schools in existence, the Nash Academy! There is a job out there for everybody who loves working with cats. You just have to find the type of job, in the pet care profession, that best suits you. Then, find the best Nash Avenue to success, and receive the education necessary to begin your new and exciting career in the wonderful world of taking care of the feline. The Nash Academy would like to help you explore the many interesting career opportunities available today. Career opportunities are rapidly growing, as Americans have more cats as pets than ever before. Entering the wonderful world of pet care professionals through pet grooming school gives a cat lover, wanting to work with cats every day, the opportunity of a lifetime!

Is Cat Grooming For YOU?
If dog grooming is a contact sport, cat grooming must be akin to American Gladiators! But if you're a cat lover, beautifying cats will satisfy something deep in your soul. Though cats are smaller than many dogs, they are equipped with claws and teeth they don't hesitate to use to express their dissatisfaction, so in many ways your training in understanding cats to keep them calm and happy will be even more important than it is with dogs.

Cat Grooming is a Great Way to Expand Your Business!
As well, if you are already grooming dogs and want to expand your business, cat grooming is an exciting option. The feline population is growing, and cats have had a renaissance in popularity as pets. Expertise in cat grooming will insure growth for your business, and give your daily activities the spice of variety. With cats, manual dexterity, expertise and patience are of utmost importance, so the skills that you have honed as a dog groomer will of course come in handy. And you will still need the precision of a skilled surgeon, together with the soft touch of a great basketball shooter, and the psychological skills of Dr. Freud himself!

Are you Ready for the Challenge?
But if you enjoy a challenge, and think that cats are the most interesting, sophisticated, elegant and gorgeous creatures on earth, cat grooming is for you. Nothing is more decorative than a cat...as a cat groomer, your ability to enhance what is already so beautiful will inspire you, and others, as only great art can.

As a professional cat bather, your daily responsibilities will include bathing, brushing and drying cats and preparing them for grooming and styling. Typically you will or can also bathe and dry dogs as well. You will also be trimming the nails and cleaning the ears. You can continue your education and move on to being a professional cat and dog groomer and stylist position or a salon manager. In this career path, bathers are typically employed by salons, veterinary offices, and boarding kennels.

As a professional cat groomer and stylist, you will not only bathe, brush and dry the cats; you will also create beautiful and exotic trims such as the Lion Trim or explore the new and exciting creative grooming, coloring and coat decorating for cats.

You can continue your education and move on to a salon manager. In this career path, you can work in various professional settings such as mobile vans, salons, veterinary offices, and boarding kennels just to name a few.

If you've worked in dog and cat grooming salons, perhaps you desire to move into a managerial position, and help turn a middle-of-the-road salon into a salon which is a rousing success by adding cat bathing, grooming and styling services. If you have ideas as to how to improve the professional image and professional skills in an existing salon, managing may be right for you. Utilize all of your skills as a cat and dog groomer or stylist, plus your people skills, to make a salon more successful.

Whether your salon is mobile or stationary, the opportunity to be self-employed, and create your own salon, is a thrilling endeavor. Typically, most salons offer cat and dog bathing, grooming and styling, however to create a salon that specializes only in cat grooming or run a mobile it not out of the question. Design the salon of your dreams, and make it a reality. Owning your own salon allows you to exercise your expertise as a cat groomer, and to let your creativity run wild. As a career path, the sky's the limit for a salon owner: only your imagination limits your possibilities.