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Cat Bathing, Grooming & Styling Basics Onsite - 40 Hours

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1 Weeks to Complete
Partner with the Dog Diploma Program
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This 40 clock onsite course is designed to partner with the Dog Bathing, Grooming and Styling Diploma Program for Dogs as well as the online courses Understanding and Taking Care of the Cat and How to Bathe, Groom and Style the Cat. This course is not offered as a stand alone course. Individuals with no previous experience in bathing and clippering must take the 80 hour course in onsite practical skills to achieve the proper handling and technical skills.

Learn How to Groom Cats--Increase Your Clientele and Business
The number of pet cats is America is rapidly growing, and more and more people want their cats professionally groomed. If you can master this new market, you can increase revenues and your enjoyment of your art through the variety of working with the beautiful feline. Utilizing the theoretical foundation material in the Nash Academy's online course on the feline, get the hands-on knowledge you need to learn all about grooming the elusive and fascinating cat.

Are you a thrill seeker? If so, cat grooming is for you...
Cats are different from dogs--not nearly as cooperative, not wanting to please their human partners. However, no one can deny the natural beauty of the cat, and in this course, you will learn to enhance and increase that natural beauty, with an emphasis on safety for both the pet and the professional. Learn all about techniques for cat grooming, and products and equipment to use on the cat.

The course will include how to use the proper products, tools and equipment on the feline and will also include how to safely bathe, groom and style short and long hair cats. The proper techniques, including the safe and gentle handling techniques to use during the bathing, grooming and styling of a feline, will be included.

How to safely secure the cat is also practiced in this onsite course as well. How to clipper a cat will be practiced and what to do and what not to do when clippering a severely matted cat. How to treat eye stains and stud tail, along with the proper care for the eyes, ears and nails, and the importance of never trimming the whiskers on a cat will be included in this course. Other very important information studied in the online course Understanding the Cat will also be discussed during the practical skills course.

In the Cat Bathing, Grooming & Styling Basics Onsite Course you will practice the following:

In this course, you will learn
  • proper equipment, products and tools necessary to safely groom short and long hair cats
  • the concept of proper technical skills to groom short and long hair cats
  • to have a thorough understanding of how to safely secure a cat during salon procedures
  • tools and technical skills needed to clipper matts out of the coat of the cat
  • how to care for the eyes and ears
  • how to trim the nails
  • about stud tail and treatment
  • about hairballs and preventive measures.

Every journey begins with a first step -- take the first step add Cat Bathing, Grooming and Styling Basics to your diploma program with dogs. This onsite course prepares you for the foundation necessary for success and will make your dream about being a professional cat bather, groomer and stylist a reality! Enroll Now!