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Cat Bathing, Grooming & Styling Online/Onsite Program Credit for Previous Bathing, Grooming & Styling Experience (Combination)

Program Designed for Credit for Previous Bathing, Grooming & Styling Experience

The Professional Feline Combination Program to receive credit for your previous bathing, grooming and styling experience earns you the Prestigous Nash Diploma as well as prepares you for licensing, a concern for all pet care professionals. You take the online courses and take a day to test out of your practical skills. It is that simple.

Many professionals who currently bathe, groom and style cats have the hands on knowledge but do not have all the wonderful information about cats that we cover in our online, making this a perfect match for individuals with experience. Our online will provide you with an excellent introduction to the most fundamental issues you face in dealing with cats, and will provide you with foundation information on health, safety, history, behavior and temperament of the feline species. The first unit will cover the history of the cat, along with behavior, the different breeds and coat types, and training. The second unit will cover the basic anatomy and physiology of the cat, including the skeletal, muscular, nervous, integumentary, reproductive , and other systems. The third unit provides education on nutrition, first aid and CPR, as well as parasites, disease and other problems. Finally, the fourth unit coves the various techniques in handling and grooming of cats.

Steps to Success #1: Complete Your Online Course
Online Course
Understanding and Taking Care of the Cat

Options to Take Online Courses
Steps to Success #2: Complete Your Onsite Test Out

Program Fact Sheet
Job Position: Professional Cat Bather, Groomer and Stylist
Program Name: Professional Cat Bathing, Grooming & Styling Program
Program Option: Online/Onsite Combination Program

Prerequisite: Previous experience in bathing, grooming and styling cats required.

Program Tuition if you take online instructor driven courses and complete your onsite at Nash Academy or a Nash Approved Training Site.

Total Online Course Tuition: $500
Total Tuition Onsite: $0
Total Tuition Test Out: $200
Total Program Tuition: $700

Total Credit Hours:
2 Credit Hours
Total Online Courses: 1
Total Time to Complete Online Courses: 1 Month
Total Onsite Courses :
Total Onsite Clock Hours: 8 Clock Hours
Approximate Time to Complete Onsite : 1 Day (2 cats)
Tool Kit Required: Basic Tool Kit