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Changing the Life of a Homeless Pet is as Rewarding as it Gets

Woodstock Animal Foundation, Inc. and Nash Pet Salon Partner to Make a Difference

Nash Academy is proud of the work it does throughout the year to help find homes for sheltered pets in the USA. As the show promoter of IJA Sanctioned Rescue Me Dog Grooming Competitions at family pet expos, Nash Academy works with rescue groups across the country to host the “Rescue Me I Need a New Home” dog grooming competitions. Rescue groups furnish dogs and our competitors bathe and groom these pets of all coat types, sizes and ages. Our goal is to get attention in our competition ring to attract pet lovers to adopt these precious pets. Many pet families complete the application process at the show and pets find their forever home that weekend. Yes, we love dogs and we show it!
Changing the Life of a Homeless Pet is as Rewarding as it Gets

Our efforts do not stop at the pet expo shows. Nash Pet Salon in Lexington, Kentucky has been working closely with Woodstock Animal Foundation, Inc., for several years now. Nash Pet Salon bathes and grooms foster dogs and cats for FREE. This is our way of showing our support to foster parents and our love for animals - big and small, we love them all.

Pets that are adopted from Woodstock come to Nash Pet Salon and receive their follow up grooming for free. Yes, when you adopt a pet from Woodstock, Nash Pet Salon will help you create the right grooming schedule for your best friend to keep their skin and coat in excellent condition. Yes, we are the experts and we like to share our knowledge with all our pet families.

It is truly amazing to watch these pets enjoying their bathing, grooming and styling experience and witness the compassion and care they receive from our competitors at the pet expos and our salon team and students at the Nash Pet Salon. Yes, we know these precious pets have the ability to enhance a family dynamic and bring a level of unconditional love to any household that only a pet can.

Nash Pet Salon, Nash Academy and The International Judges Association believes that in a perfect world every dog would have a home and we are committed to supporting Woodstock in their amazing efforts to make it happen.
  • For 38 years, Nash Academy has been committed to educating and training pet lovers to become professional bathers, groomers and stylists. Our mission is making the world a safer place for pets and pet professionals through education. It is our goal to raise the standards in the pet care industry to ensure pets receive the most compassionate and safe experience in pet care facilities.
  • For over 17 years, Woodstock Animal Foundation, Inc., has operated the Woodstock Spay and Neuter Clinic in Lexington, KY. In addition to providing high quality, low cost spay and neuter services they also offer full service veterinary care by appointment.
Together, we can help pets find their forever homes.

If you are looking to adopt a pet, feel free to contact the Woodstock Animal Foundation and find out more. Woodstock Spay & Neuter Clinic. 843 Lane Allen Road, Lexington, KY 40504 Phone 859 277-7729. If you would like to make an appointment at the Nash Pet Salon, 857 Lane Allen Road, Lexington, KY 40504 Phone 859 276-5301.