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Dog Bathing, Grooming, & Styling Onsite Program (Traditional)

Program Designed for No Previous Bathing, Grooming, and Styling Experience

The Nash Academy's traditional program immerses you in the famous Nash methods of professional dog bathing, grooming, and styling in the old fashioned way: hands-on, onsite, learning with the very tools you will use in your new profession, with a living, breathing dog on the grooming table in front of you every step of the way.

If you are someone who needs that kind of hands-on environment, and you learn best through practical application of skills, our traditional program is right for you. Highly skilled and trained Nash Academy onsite practical skills instructors lead you through every step of professional dog bathing, grooming, and styling, and share their in-depth knowledge of the famous Nash methods. There is, as well, a self-study portion of the traditional program, but even in this you will be guided by the onsite instructors, so that you are never on your own in the new world of professional pet care.

Steps to Success: Complete Your Online Courses and Onsite Courses All At One Time

Professional Dog Bathing, Grooming, & Styling Traditional Diploma Program

This onsite only program presents the total package in dog bathing, grooming, and styling education, just as the online/onsite program does, except that the package is wrapped a little differently.

This traditional type program is designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to gain employment as a professional dog bather, groomer, and stylist just like the combination program.

You are still required to read the online virtual books in each course, in your own time, and take the test. Nash System Certified Onsite Practical Skills Instructors and your fellow classmates are available for you to discuss the study material.

You will also be required to study the online virtual books in the self study courses in a different order than the students in the combination program. We have listed the self study courses and the order you will be required to take the courses to help you better understand the difference in the combination and traditional dog bathing, grooming, and styling diploma program.

Option to Take Online Courses:
Self Study ONLY
  • Salon for Man's Best Friend
  • Grooming Man's Best Friend
  • First Aid & CPR for Man's Best Friend
  • Understanding Man's Best Friend
  • Form and Function of Man's Best Friend
  • Taking Care of Man's Best Friend
  • Styling Man's Best Friend
  • Who's Who in Man's Best Friend
  • Variations & Creations of Man's Best Friend

Students are required to successfully complete 600 clock hours of practical application. The following grooming procedures are included: the practical application of all technical skills necessary to properly bathe, groom, and style man's best friend. The correct methods of care of the dog's eyes, ears, nose, feet, and brushing teeth will be taught and practiced. Dog bathing, brushing and drying techniques will be practiced daily, including the proper products, tools, and techniques to use on different coat types. You will also be instructed in removing excessive coat to create many different styles using different tools, products, and techniques including clippering, thinning, scissoring, handstripping, carding, and deshedding. You will practice creating balance, symmetry, and proper expression, as well as learning how to avoid creating faults.

3 Phases in the Traditional Program
Pet Grooming Phase 1 - 200 Clock Hours - Bathing & Basic Grooming
Pet Grooming Phase 2 - 200 Clock Hours - Intermediate Grooming & Basic Styling
Pet Grooming Phase 3 - 200 Clock Hours - Intermediate Styling and Basic Profiles

Program Fact Sheet:
Job Position: Professional Dog Bather, Groomer and Stylist
Program Name: Professional Dog Bathing, Grooming & Styling Program
Program Option: Onsite Traditional
Prerequiste: No previous experience in bathing, grooming and styling required.

Program Tuition: $8850
Total Quarter Credit Hours: 42
Total Onsite Clock Hours
: 600
Approximate Time to Complete: 15 Weeks
Tool Kit Required: Basic Tool Kit
Basic Tool Kit Price: $989