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Horse Care and Grooming Online Certificate Program

Program Designed for No Previous Bathing, Grooming, and Styling Experience

This online program offers two online courses about horses, "Understanding the Horse" and "Taking Care of the Horse." These courses give you an in-depth introduction into the world of this most beautiful creature, including horse behavior, horse health and nutrition, common horse illnesses and accidents and how to treat them, grooming, and the safe carrying out of common elements of daily interaction with horses. Working with horses is the dream of many, and it is a dream that can be achieved. There are many different types of jobs in horse-related businesses, from the race track to the breeding farm to the show ring, and this course offers an introduction to this world for those whose love of horses leads them to consider making this love a profession, or for those who quite simply love their horses.

Online Course - Understanding the Horse

Understanding the Horse will provide you with an excellent introduction to the most fundamental issues you will face in dealing with horses, and will provide you as well with foundation information on health, safety, history, behavior and temperament of the equines species. The first unit will cover the history of the horse, gender differences in horses, equine anatomy and conformation, and problems that will be faced in selecting a horse. The second unit will cover all important issues of behavior and temperament, including herd mentality, the flight instinct, how horses think, and what you can understand about a horse simply by observing it. The safety unit provides you with information about putting horses in stalls and trailers, separating horses from their herd, weaning, and basic rules for dealing with horses on a day to day basis with safety in mind. Finally, basic horse health issues will be dealt with in the fourth unit, including de-worming, vaccinating, trimming and shoeing of hooves, and nutrition.

Online Course
Taking Care of the Horse

Taking Care of the Horse is the second course and provides you with more sophisticated information that builds upon the foundation of the first course, the Understanding the Horse. The first unit, Horse Illness, will cover what every horse owner and horse professional needs to have on hand to treat equine emergencies, and then will describe symptoms and treatments for colic laminitis, illnesses of foals, hoof abscesses, illnesses of the skin and illnesses of the eyes. The next unit will deal with the most common accidents that occur to horses: getting cast in the stall, cuts, hematomas, broken bones, injuries related to kicks, injuries related to trailering, choke, and that most horrible of equine emergencies, the injury so serious that one must consider euthanasia. In the third unit, on reproduction and foaling, the student will learn about the mare's reproductive system and the issues one faces in terms of getting a mare pregnant, the stages of pregnancy, what needs to be done when a mare is getting close to foaling, the possible problems one faces during foaling, and care of the newborn foal. Finally, in the fourth unit, grooming will be discussed for show and sale, with steps laid out for a daily grooming program aimed at getting a horse to a show or sale, and also in this unit, job possibilities working with horses will be discussed.

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