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Kristy Close

Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor
Nash Academy - Lexington, KY
Kristy credits her father, an Air Force dog handler, for encouraging her to follow her dream and work with animals. He noted her intense bond with her childhood dog, and suggested she pursue working with dogs.

Kristy's career, like many others, includes several areas of expertise. She has worked as a medical assistant, an EMT and was a proud volunteer with the fire department. Kristy always knew she was meant to work with animals. From her first job bathing at PetSmart, she knew she was on the right path.

In her pursuit for more education and to follow her passion for animal safety and her love for grooming, Kristy decided to enroll at Nash Academy. She is a proud Nash Academy graduate who is loving her new role as a Practical Skills Instructor at the school. Kristy can pass on her knowledge and skills every day as she mentors students to strive to "Be All They Can Be" and to follow their passion.

"I could not imagine my life without animals in it. I think humans have a lot to learn from animals in general about loyalty and forgiveness and patience. If you look at the wolf pack and the teamwork it takes to hunt and how each member of the pack has a place and a purpose and they all work together, support each other, protect one another, it is amazing to me," says Nash grooming instructor Kristy Close. "There is no judgment but a mutual respect for one another and I feel these are traits that the human race have lost somewhere down the line. We can all learn a lot from animals if we just pay attention."

For relaxation, Kristy, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio, writes poetry, paints and plays piano. She has also volunteered at animal shelters over the years, helping matted and ungroomed dogs become both beautiful and adoptable. Clearly, Kristy is highly motivated to help both people and animals.
Kristy is married, with two sons and two stepsons, and of course, her animal family, consisting of four rescue cats and her standard Poodle, Everett.