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Melinda Owsley

Melinda Owsley dreamed of becoming an equine veterinarian from the time she was a child, so she went to dog grooming school, with the idea that dog grooming would help her put herself through veterinary school. Today Melinda is a 2 time pet grooming diploma graduate. She originally trained at the Paragon Pet Grooming School to become a pet groomer. In 2016, her desire to both teach and enhance her education and career oppportunities, resulted in Melinda training to become a Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor and she has since earned her Nash Academy diplomas.

A daughter of a jeweler and an artist, she discovered that dog grooming offered her fulfillment in both her love of animals and artistic expression, and she never looked back. She has been a self-employed dog groomer since 2005, but this year has come on board at the Nash Academy as the Director of Practical Skills. Her passion for teaching is natural and she enjoys inspiring and coaching others to reach their potential.

She also fulfills this combination of the love of dogs and of artistic self-expression through dog grooming competitions, and competes at level two, having scored placements in poodles, salon freestyle and sporting. As well, she breeds and shows standard poodles.

The other loves of her life are her significant other, Heath, and her three children, Logan, Raegan and Preston (whom she has raised as a single mother), who support her in her animal-related endeavors and share her passion for all creatures. Her animal family consists of her standard poodle, Ember, and her Boston terrier, Peanut, as well as eight rescued horses. The dream that she has yet to fulfill is to create a rescue/rehab facility for thoroughbred horses, retraining them for new careers and finding them new, loving families.

Melinda hopes to share her love of dogs and artistry with aspiring groomers at Nash, while continuing to advance her own knowledge and education. She is emblematic of what Nash desires for all their instructors and graduates: to be the best that they can be. She has much to offer to future generations of pet professionals.

Melinda's exceptional competition winning skills are demonstrated daily at Nash Academy as she works closely with students in all phases of the diploma program. Melinda also makes sure all students implement and practice the best safety, sanitation, organization policies and procedures to promote professionalism in the salon.