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Michelle Worthy

Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor
Nash Academy - Lexington, Kentucky
Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor Michelle Worthy has been in the
pet care industry since the age of ten. She always knew a career with animals
would be her path in life. Over the years she has accumulated knowledge from
those she worked with, and worked hard to self-educate and better her talent
and skills constantly, always striving to improve herself.

A new world of education opened up to her when she entered her first
grooming competition in 2013. After just a few short years and a handful of competitions,
she now competes in open class and plans to pursue a position on GroomTeam USA
in the future. The GroomTeam Sanctioned Events Placements she’s been awarded
were at Hershey Groom Expo in 2013, entry level, in which she placed first in
Sporting; at Groom South in 2015, at intermediate level, in which she placed
first in Wire Coated Breeds and second in both Freestyle and Sporting; at the
Atlanta Pet Fair in 2016, at the intermediate level, in which she placed second
in Small Poodles and third in Sporting; at Pet Quest 2016, at the intermediate
level, in which she placed first in Sporting and second in Wire Coated; and at
the All American Grooming Show in 2016, in the intermediate level, in which she
placed first in Small Poodles. In IJA Sanctioned events, her placements include
Best in Class and Best in Show (Pure Breed) at both the 2016 Indy Pet Expo and
the 2017 Green Bay event. Michelle is also a member in good standing of IPG
(International Pet Groomers Association) and has acquired her ICMG (International
Certified Master Groomer).

She is at a place in life where she has fallen in love with sharing her
knowledge and skills with aspiring groomers. Nash Academy has helped her make
her dream of teaching a reality. Michelle has a strong work ethic, takes great
pride in her work, and holds herself to a high standard of quality. She hopes
to instill these qualities in all her students to the best of her abilities,
and polish their skills so they may become the best that they can be.

Michelle has many pets of her own at home, including standard poodles,
miniature poodles, bichons, English cocker spaniels, and a miniature schnauzer.
Her dogs are like her children that she competes with in grooming competitions
as well as the conformation ring. She also has a real kid too, her 11 year old
daughter Ashley, whom she reared as a single mother. They are very close, and
Ashley is proud of her mother for her accomplishments.