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Nash Academy has been an international leader in pet care education for over 38 years. Our commitment to pet lovers to educate them to reach their potential in all aspects of pet care with our dog bathing, dog grooming and dog stying program has always been our priority.

Nash Academy graduate, Stacey Herbert, is a prime example of how you can make your dreams a reality with an excellent education in your chosen field. Nash is proud of Stacey and would like to share her story about her steps to success using the Nash System of Education.

Nash Makes Dreams Happen One Student At a Time
Stacey was a big time animal lover who decided to enroll in Nash Academy to earn her diploma in the art of bathing, grooming and styling dogs with professionalism. Stacey understood the importance of a solid foundation to build her skills and knowledge and to gain credibility as a professional pet care specialist in many aspects of taking care of man’s best friend. She chose Nash because she heard from industry experts that Nash is the best and they separate you from the rest with their outstanding education in pet care, as well as training you to be a skilled bather, groomer and stylist.

You Can Be All You Want to Be with an Education from Nash Academy
Stacey opened her first salon after graduation in 1987 and realized immediately that her clients were pleased with her professionalism and knowledge about dogs as well as her outstanding bathing, grooming and styling skills.

When You Believe It, You Achieve with Nash Education
As an strong advocate for the stellar education she received from Nash Academy, Stacey decided to explore her options to be a Certified Practical Skills Instructor with the Academy so she could teach and give pet lovers in her area who want to get into the industry the same type of education she received. Her commitment and passion once again proved successful as she earned her certification and became one of the first Nash Approved Practical Skills Instructors in New Jersey.

Our Nash Students Are Just Like You, And Have a Dream Too
In 2011, Stacey’s salon was approved as a Nash Approved Practical Skills Training Site because she adhered to the same high standards that she was taught at Nash. Stacey immediately began making dreams come true for aspiring pet groomers, just like you, to train at her salon to complete their practical skills requirements for the Nash Academy after they completed their theory based online courses.

Don’t Stop Until You Reach the Top with Continued Education in Your Profession
Being a Nash Academy Graduate and Certified Nash Practical Skills Instructor,and having her salon certified as a Nash Approved Training Site, allowed her to teach students in the same manner that she has been trained and enabled her to award them with their diploma in the art of dog bathing, grooming and styling with professionalism.

Nash Wall of Fame Credentials and Achievements
It was Stacey’s love of teaching and her appreciation for excellent pet care education and training that inspired her to ensure that all of her staff at her salon were trained with the best education possible and were all Nash Academy graduates. The Nash Wall of Certificates and Diplomas added even more credibility to her business and established a reputation of excellence in Norwood, New Jersey, that allowed her to achieve and maintain a Five Star Rating in salon services for man’s best friend.

The Sky's the Limit When You Put Your Heart In It With the Nash Education
After several years Stacey’s business and Nash Approved Training Site grew, and the need for an additional instructor was evident. Stacey was able to offer another Nash graduate the opportunity to Be All You Can Be with the Nash System and move up to the role of a Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructor. Stacey has continued to live the Nash Dream since she achieved her status as a Certified Online Instructor.

Don’t Stop Until You Reach the Top with the Nash System of Continued Education
In 2017, after much hard work and commitment to training pet care professionals at her Nash Approved Training Site, Stacey was ready to move to the highest level of success with the Nash Approved System of Education. It is with much pride and admiration that we announce the opening of The Dog Spa Academy in Norwood, New Jersey.

Yes, Stacey has achieved her dream of becoming a Nash Approved School. The Nash System of Education has a new location in New Jersey and it all started when an aspiring pet lover and entrepreneur at heart decided to Be All She Could Be at Nash Academy. It didn’t happen overnight and hard work and dedication went into every step of her success. It is the journey that has proven to be so rewarding and Stacey feels like the best is yet to come. We salute Stacey for her love of dogs and dedication to set standards in the industry to take our profession to the next level.

ENROLL NOW - Our Students Are Just Like You, And Have a Dream Too
Stacey is an inspiration to all pet lovers. Whether you are already in the industry or thinking of entering the wonderful world of taking care of man’s best friend and want to be a professional dog bather, groomer or stylist we want to remind you…

Stacey was just like you and had a dream too, and when you believe it, you achieve it at Nash Academy.

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