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PET Training Program - Products - Equipment - Tools

Setting Standards Of Excellence in Pet Care Education with the NASH ACADEMY PET Program! Do you want to be a part of it?

The Nash Academy has changed the world of education when it comes to Product, Equipment, and Tool knowledge.

How did we do this?
Nash Academy established a system for companies to furnish their top of the line products, equipment and tools for students to use at the Nash Pet Salon, the practical skills training site for the Nash Academy.

Nash Academy also created a survey system to furnish companies with evaluations from students on their products, equipment and tools.

Students Educated About Products - Equipment - Tools
  • Students have the opportunity to use many different brands of products, equipment, and tools.
  • Students and staff send surveys monthly to the PET Companies to tell them their likes and dislikes about their products to make it a win win situation for everyone.
  • When students graduate from school, they not only have the skills it takes to bathe, groom, and style dogs and cats, but they also have the wealth of knowledge about what products, equipment, and tools to use on the various coat types of our canine friends as well as what products are best and safest to use on felines.

Instructors Study to Teach About New Products - Equipment - Tools
But the education about all the new and exciting and top of the line products, equipment and tools does not stop with our Nash students. Our practical skills instructors at the Nash Academy also use the many products, equipment and tools right along with our students making our staff specialists when it comes to what is available in the pet care industry.

Industry Icons and IJA Judges from Around the World Use the Products, Equipment and Tools at Nash
The education continues at the Nash Academy, the school with an international reputation of excellence when it comes to training. The International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions (IJA) conducts competitions with certification with workshops at the Nash Pet Salon. IJA Judges, competitors and guest speakers have the opportunity to use the products, equipment and tools furnished by our PET Sponsors.

Thank You PET Companies
Thanks to the PET Sponsors, we have an educational program that no one has been able to duplicate. Nash Academy works with sponsors to ensure the new generation of bathers, groomers, and stylists are well educated and experienced with the most up to date Products, Equipment and Tools in the industry creating a more educated industry for tomorrow!

Without the participation and support of our sponsors, we could not offer such a wonderful educational experience. A sincere thank you to ALL for making it possible!!!

Levels of Sponsorship
Nash offers various levels of sponsorships to make it possible for everyone to participate in our PET Program. "Big Companies And Small Companies, Nash Loves You All and Thanks You For Participating in Our PET Program.

The PET Program
Sponsors commit to a full year. Products, Equipment and Tools are sent on a schedule determined by the type of sponsorship. For example, products are typically sent every three months to make sure we have enough for the students to use over a period of time so they have a good understanding of the product to give an accurate evaluation. Equipment such as dryers and tables are sent every 12 months because they are a much bigger item with a larger value. After 12 months the equipment is sold as used and placed in a fund for Nash Students to attend the Pet Expos to participate in the Rescue Me Rodeo Competitions. Tools such as clippers and blades are sent every 6 months to ensure they are in good working condition. Clippers and blades that are not working properly are removed from the PET station in the salon to ensure only the best working tools are presented to the students.

Products - 3 Months.
Equipment - 12 Months
Tools - 6 Months

Value of Sponsorship
The value of the sponsorship to determine the level is based on retail value.

Nash Academy and PETS Sponsors discuss the type of products, equipment and tools, the schedule and the retail value of the sponsorship to determine the type of survey, the type of advertisement and the amount of advertisement. Surveys are sent on a monthly schedule.

2017 PET Sponsors

  • Students use and then choose what type of shampoo or finishing spray works best on what coat type.
  • Students understand first hand the product differences between stabilizers, conditioners, and finishing sprays.
  • Students understand how to read labels and how to mix all the different products.
  • Students feel, touch, and see the difference using variouis types of finishing products on all coat types.
  • Students have the opportunity to use different equipment to pick what they believe is safest for the pets.
  • Students have first hand knowledge on comparing the power or velocity of force dryers and stand dryers.
  • Students understand the different options available on dryers and the importance of controlling the air flow.
  • Students know what type of dryer works best on pets with special needs, especially puppies and senior pets.
  • Students are able to compare tables to see which will work best for their salon.
  • Students know how to maintain different tools.
  • Students use a variety of clippers for hands on knowledge of what works best for specific applications.
  • Students understand the difference in finishing blades, ceramics blades, and show blades.
  • Students use top of the line scissors to understand you get what you pay for.
  • Students have first hand knowledge about the different stripping knives, combs, and rakes.
  • Students have the ability to use different style brushes to discover which one work best for the various coat types.

Ed Geib Buttercut Shears

If you are interested in participating in our PET Program, please contact me at denika@nashacademy.com