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Pet Care Professional Certificate Series Online Program

Update for State Licensing
Nash believes this series should be required for all professional bathers, groomers and stylists as well as all salon team members to be prepared for industry licensing. For the safety of the pets and the professionals in the salon. Enroll Now!

THE Foundation for ALL Pet Care Professionals
If you work with dogs as a profession, you owe it to yourself and the pets you work with to take this series!

The Pet Care Professional Certificate Series is the foundation for all pet care professionals. It is a must for the beginner! This series is all the background you need to understand the dog, including the breeds of dog, elements of dog behavior, the history of the dog, and the health of the dog. The perfect preparation for anyone planning to enter the wonderful world of working with dogs.

This is the best series for current bathers, groomers, and stylists to receive a certificate in pet care from the Nash Academy to be prepared for state licensing.

This is the perfect series for dog owners who want to be better prepared for life with man's best friend, and who want to understand what makes their dogs the way they are.

Man's Best Friend Series Online Courses
Options to Take Online Courses
  • Instructor Driven
  • Test Out

From the test out option to the instructor driven option, it is financially possible for everyone to take this online program and receive a pet care certificate.

Salon Owners prepare for licensing. Start your team with this program. Don't delay! Sign up now.