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Student Housing

Nash Apartments in Lexington, Kentucky only 1 Block from School

Housing is available in private garden apartments near the school for students who prefer to stay within walking distance while they are attending the Nash Academy of Kentucky. The accommodations are perfect if you are from out of town and will not have a car during your stay. You can walk a few blocks to a shopping center and find a variety of restaurants to choose from. You can take the local transit bus which stops right outside the apartments to go to downtown Lexington and enjoy all the fun activities from basketball games to concerts to plays, as you are only 10 minutes away. As an apartment student, you will enjoy the opportunity to study together as well as cooking together to see who can come up with the sweetest or the healthiest recipes.

Apartments 1 Block From School
Because the apartments are so close (about 1 block) to the school, you can go home for lunch to cut down on expenses. If you are more than 60 miles away, you may consider staying in the apartments during the week and going home on the weekends to save time and money.

The apartments are safe, clean and provide a family type atmosphere.  You will share the kitchen, bath and living areas. Each apartment has cable TV, VCR and a washer/dryer. The kitchen is equipped with a self-cleaning oven, microwave, cook ware, dishes and silverware. The students provide their personal bed linens, pillows, pillow cases, and towels.   You must provide personal items.

Must be a Team Player
The Nash Apartments are designed to create team players much like the environment at the school.  Students in each apartment work as a team to keep the apartments clean and very well organized.  The apartments, just like the school, are shown quite frequently to future students, and often times other students from the school join the apartment students for lunch, so the importance of keeping a professional appearance is a necessity.

We assign students to play the role of apartment captain to conduct weekly checks to insure that cleaning and organization procedures are adhered to in order to keep the image that Nash Academy strives for both in the school and in the apartments.

Because the apartments are kept clean and organized by the team of students who live there, the Nash Apartments may not be for all students because of the need to uphold such high standards.
For students who would rather stay in a different type setting such as a hotel or apartment complex, Extend A Stay type apartments are available within driving distance of the school.  For more information on this type of housing, contact the Nash Academy Admission Team.

How to Reserve a Room
Rooms are rented on a weekly basis.  The minimum rental is one week.  Rooms must be rented in advance.  The housing fee in full is due and payable on or before the class start date.  Board is not included.  Reservations can be made through the school.
Reservation & Maintenance Fee- $250
A $250.00 non-refundable Reservation and Maintenance Fee is required within 14 days of signing the enrollment and housing agreements or within 30 days of beginning practical skills training, whichever is first, to reserve your space and to prepare your room for your stay at the Nash Apartments.

If a student moves out or is asked to move out of the housing for any reason after the check in, the student will be charged for the actual number of weeks the student was in the housing, including the week the student moves out,  plus one additional week.

Weekly Student Housing Fees
$150.00 per Week. Total housing fees are due and payable in full on or before the class start date.
Pets are allowed in the apartments with written permission from Nash Housing. No pets are allowed without written permission. Nash Housing offers 4 separate apartments for rent and allows a maximum of 2 pets per student, up to a maximum of 4 pets per apartment.

The backyard is fenced with a privacy fence on the rear and sides making it the perfect place for you and your best friend to enjoy quality time and for your pet to exercise. The backyard is also divided with an iron fence to allow for separate areas for play time for small and large dogs. All pets are required to be in a kennel when you are at school. The kennel you provide must be large enough for your dog to relax in during the day.

There is a nonrefundable $500.00 Pet Fee required for each pet and an additional $15.00 fee per week for each pet is added to the total student housing fees. All pet fees are due and payable in full on or before the class start date.

Guests & Visitors
Students staying in the apartments may have guests and visitors. Overnight guests are not permitted without prior approval from the school. Special permission may be granted under certain circumstances and conditions for a fee of $22.00 per guest per night.