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Success Stories - Industry Recognition

When it comes to industry success stories, Nash Academy has a long list of awards and recognition received by Nash Grads.

From the Beginning Nash Trained Super Stars
Sue Tapp, a Nash Graduate, won American Groomer of the Year at Intergroom, the first international grooming competition held in the grooming industry in 1998. She is also a renowned, award winning breeder of Irish Water Spaniels, which she shows, combining her grooming skills with breeding and handling in the show ring.

Loretta Marchese, a Nash graduate and past practical skills instructor at the Nash Academy, owns and operates Hal Wheeler's Grooming School, and is another great Nash success story. She is a two time winner of one of the most prestigious awards in our industry, International Groomer of the Year at Intergroom in 1985 and 1995, was the first runner-up at the Oster International Invitational Tournament of Champions in 1995, and won the competition in 2002. She is the winner of three gold medals and a silver medal with Standard Poodles, and three gold medals and a silver medal with Bichon Frises at Intergroom, and won one of the industry's most prestigious award, the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for American Groomer of the Year, in 1996. Lorretta currently shows and breeds Bichon Frises and is considered one of the top breeders and professional handlers in the confirmation ring.

Nash Grads Always on the List of Industry Honors - No Bragg - Just Fact
From the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Awards to the Barkleigh Honors you can always find Nash grads on the list. Ellen Ehrlich, Jay Scruggs, Dawn Omboy and Vivian Nash were nominated the first year of the awards hosted at Groom Expo in Hershey, Pennsylvania in 2011.

When a show producer started searching for outstanding groomers to participate in a reality show "Groomer Has It", Nash grads were a big part of the show with our own Joey Villani as the industry expert to judge the competition and Nash grads Will Comparsi, Jonathan David and Bill Jividen as competitors. No other school has such outstanding bragging rights.

Barkleigh TV interviewed professionals in the industry to find the perfect person to host their live broadcast. They needed an individual well educated in the art of bathing, grooming and styling as well as a pet care professional and after searching for months, they found Jay Scruggs. Jay was one of the top competitors in the industry and best known for his Super Styling Sessions and videos.

Nash Grad Exchange Student Keeps Reaching for the Stars
Adam Barr attended the Nash Academy in 2007, and stayed on to participate in the Nash Academy Internship Program to learn the art of teaching dog bathing, grooming and styling to qualify his salon for a practical application training location. He is currently the owner and operator of the Pet Station, in Louisville, Kentucky, which opened in early 2008 and is already a resounding success. Adam's skill, expertise, and outgoing personality make him a groomer to watch for in future competitions. To further hone his skills after graduating from Nash, Adam also participated in the Japanese Exchange Program Nash offers to its outstanding graduates, and enhanced his skills during this exciting cross-cultural experience.
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