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Teaching Practical Skills

Teaching dog and cat bathing, grooming and styling is an art and we are the best when it comes to creating professional dog and cat bathers, groomers and stylists.

Why? Because our graduates are the most sought after in the world and have received the most industry recognition awards and accomplishments.

How? Because we teach more than how to bathe, groom and style dogs and cats. We teach our students how to bathe, groom and style pets with professionalism. We teach excellent salon policies and procedures as well as safety, sanitation, organization and maintenance of the salon.

We understand there is also much more to teaching than simply being an excellent bather, groomer and stylist yourself--learning how to communicate clearly with students about complex technical procedures, as well as record keeping (attendance, tests) and checking the progress of students during the various phases, will all be taught in this course, so that you may become a Nash System Certified Instructor.

The Highest Professional Standards Apply to Nash Certified Instructors

If you want to learn how to be your best and communicate to others who share your love of grooming, this onsite training course can prepare you to become a teacher of the grooming arts at the highest level. Learn the complete Nash System from techniques and methodology to clear communication to accurate record keeping, so that all of your students
can share your wisdom and your art.

The onsite course is designed for outstanding stylists who want to take the next step and share their knowledge and expertise with others and to become a Nash System Certified Practical Skills Instructors. The onsite Teaching Practical Skills course is taken after the online course How to Teach Practical Skills, to allow professional stylists the opportunity to apply what they studied online about the Nash System of teaching bathing, grooming and styling. You will be able to experience what it means to be a Nash Certified Practical Skills Instructor by exhibiting professionalism at all times following the profile of a Nash Certified Instructor.

You will participate in conducting student first day orientation, documenting student attendance properly, administering student practical skills tests, evaluating students to give progress reports, evaluating students to give report cards, conduct student graduation ceremonies and assign pets to students

You will teach students and will also exhibit your technical skills and breed knowledge by conducting bathing, grooming and styling demonstrations for the students.

You will have the opportunity to partner with a Certified Nash System Instructor to teach students all phases of how to properly bathe, groom and style pets.

You will teach students the various trim styles including the various head, ear, body, legs, feet and tail trim styles on dogs and how to safely create all the unique trims on the feline.

You will participate in instructor/student progress checks. This instructor/student check list was designed by Nash to train the students to be the best in technical skills by setting check points during the various phases of bathing, grooming and styling. The instructor will check the students' progress at the beginning and at the completion of all phases of grooming.

You will participate in practicing and teaching salon policies and procedures with safety for the pet and the professional.

After completing this onsite course, you will know our secret in producing the most sought after professional bathers, groomers and stylists in the world!

This courses prepares you with hands on training on how to teach the art of bathing, grooming and styling with professionalism.

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