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Who's Who in Man's Best Friend

Did you know that each breed of dog was created for a specific purpose, and this original purpose affects both the dog's personality and his or her appearance?
While some of the dogs look exactly as they did thousands of years ago, the look of many breeds has evolved, as have some of the dog's originally intended functions. Aspiring pet care professionals need to understand each and every breed of dog to better understand the different personalities and to be able to create the correct expressions and appearances, but even pet owners will find the information in this course fascinating for the light it sheds on their dog's personalities! Unlock all the secrets of your dogs' appearance and your dog's personality!

This course in the Nash Academy's "Man's Best Friend" series provides the knowledge base to discern between all the breeds recognized by the AKC.

Learn all about the fascinating and varied world of dogs, including:
  • Why do the groups exist? What is the philosophy behind the AKC's organization of all breeds of dogs?
  • What is unique about the Sporting Group?
  • How did the invention of firearms forever alter the way man hunts with dogs?
  • What characteristics are common to all dogs in the Sporting Group, and what differences exist in the breeds in this group?
  • What is the difference between a sight hound and a scent hound?
  • What does it mean when we say that the sight hounds are among the original breeds?
  • How does the handling of dogs from the Sporting Group and the Hound Group differ?
  • What coat types exist in these two groups?
  • What dogs comprise the Working Group, and why were they selectively bred by man?
  • Why is the Terrier Group unique and specialized?
  • What was the purpose of breeding dogs in the Toy Group?
  • What is the Non-Sporting Group, and what dogs comprise it?
  • Why are the Herding Group dogs among man's most historical partners?
  • What is the Miscellaneous Group, and why does it exist?