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Nash Academy offers both online and onsite programs and courses


  • 24 hour access to our online courses
  • Train at your own pace, in your favorite place
  • Online support available
  • Option to have online access to trained instructors
  • Courses for cats, dogs and horses

  • Receive practical training in

* Bathing

* Grooming

* Styling

* Dog handling

* Safety

* Salon procedures

taught by trained instructors and Nash Graduates, in our State of the Art Facility.

  • Weekly online discussions per course with Nash Instructors – question and answer support
  • Weekly assignment per course – your chance to do research and get creative
  • Weekly quiz per course – test what you know

How We Teach

With over 30 years of experience in the pet grooming industry and pet education, we understand that not every one learns in the same manner or at the space pace.

Our training incorporates the 3 training styles. We know how you learn best.

  1. Hearing – onsite lectures from trained instructors and industry professionals, watching videos and presentations.
  2. Seeing – online course material, including the Nash Acvademy Canine Reference and Groomers Reference illustration guides, question and answer (both online and onsite), highlighted key words, phrases and definitions.
  3. Doing – applying the knowledge in an actual working environment; The Nash Pet Salon , a Nash Approved Training Site, or testing out at Nash Academy. Students complete a weekly assignment and test for each online course.

What Makes Nash Graduates So Successful and Always In Demand?

Nash Academy prides itself on the reputation of its graduates. We recognize that our students brand us every day in their careers as groomers, salon owners, mobile groomers and competition groomers.

All students who invest in their career with Nash Academy can rest assured that we teach, what we teach the way we teach it, to ensure you are prepared to put your skills into practice and be successful.

We recognize that pet groomers often receive compensation and earn revenue based on their ability to:

  • Groom within realistic timeframes
  • Groom professionally to ensure repeat business from clients
  • Retain clients by not only doing a great grooming job, but by showing care and compassion to the pets

The Nash Academy curiculium for many of our programs includes teaching:
  • The Art of Time Management
  • Grooming and Styling Techniques by Coat Type
  • Animal Anatomy and Breed Standards
  • Effective Dog Handling, including; Compassion, Safety and Care
  • Client Relations and Salon Operations

Nash Academy is proud to offer programs tailored to pet lovers with

1. No previous grooming experience

2. Previous grooming experience

Nash Academy does provide credit to professionals in the industry based on their experience and other educational courses completed. *as applicable

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Tuition Options and Financing is available for all who qualify.

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