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Patience Watson

Director of Nash Pet Salon
Director of Client Relations
IJA Contest Coordinator
Certified Nash Academy Practical Skills Instructor

Patience Watson is a proud Nash Academy Graduate from West Virginia with a background in sales and a passion for working with dogs. She works as a Real Estate Agent in Kentucky as well as at the Nash Pet Salon.

She is the proud owner of a Jack Russell Terrier named Roxie and spends her spare time searching for vintage hats, coats and dresses with her sister, Teresa.
With her outgoing personality and excellent communication skills, Patience takes the Director of Client Relations to the next level at the Nash Pet Salon. Because of her outstanding talent in customer services, she also teaches the one week Client Relations Certificate Program to students and demonstrates how to be the best of the best when communicating with pet lovers who come to the salon each day with their precious pets.
Patience oversees the Admissions Department and meets and greets all prospective students who visit the Nash Academy to meet the school team and to take a tour of the facility and housing.

She is the Expo Coordinator for Nash Academy at the IJA Sanctioned Competitions conducted at Pet Expos in the USA and plays a major role in helping to find homes for rescue pets at the Rescue Me Competitions.