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Joey Villani

President / Director / Director of Practical Application Instruction, Nash Academy, New Jersey

When Joey Villani was nine years old, family friend John Nash invited him to visit his Super Dog Salon, and Joey was captivated. On an overbooked Saturday afternoon at the popular salon, John asked young Joey to lend a hand, and a career was born when Joey brushed a sheepdog named Cecilia. This Saturday ritual continued for seven years, and Joey Villani had begun his lasting professional affiliation with the grooming industry. Joey continued as an instructor for John Nash for 18 years, and eventually opened his own salons. Since 1998, he has been President and Director of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts in New Jersey. Joey has been nominated four times for the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award (three times as judge of the year, once for congeniality), has been involved with Intergroom International for 25 years, during which time he has been instrumental in that organization's branching out into Belgium, Italy and France, and is an IJA registered judge.

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