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John Nash


A grooming industry leader, innovator and visionary, John Nash refuses to rest on his laurels: he is devoted to the improvement of the industry and the art of dog grooming. Founder and CEO of the Nash Academy of Kentucky, his graduates have gone on to international success and acclaim. He also co-founded the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions, and through that body has sought to standardize and democratize the judging, worldwide, of dog grooming competitions. A man of energy and foresight, he won the Cardinal Crystal Award for Outstanding Service to the Dog Grooming Industry in 1991, sits on the board of the Kentucky Association of Career Colleges and Schools, and created foreign exchange programs with Japan and Germany to further internationalize the industry. He shares his qualities of perfectionism, tirelessness, and an ideal of what the grooming industry can become with his wife, Vivian.

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