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Kim Royalty


Kim Royalty's background in education spans 16 years and virtually every aspect of the field of educating adults, giving her the expertise needed to advise potential students for the Nash Academy's many programs. Kim has worked as a GED instructor, a Literacy Coordinator for an Adult Education program, and as an English as a Second Language instructor, and did, herself, earn her GED through a program similar to the one in which she eventually worked. She has both the professional knowledge and the personal experience necessary to solve any and all admissions and enrollment problems. Seeking a career change (again, like many Nash potential students), she attended Sullivan University thanks to the Workforce Investment Act and graduated as an Administrative Assistant. She joined the Nash Academy staff in 2006 as the Director of Enrollment, and is now the Director of the Academy. Though she has favored Yorkies in the past, she currently has only one pet, a cat named Bitsy, and her hobbies include most outdoor activities, especially motorcycling, camping and boating. She is a native of Kentucky, and is proud of her two daughters and four grandchildren. Her professionalism and personal experience make her the ideal counselor for students interested in the Nash Academy's programs.

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