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Vivian Nash

President / Director of Education

With her keen visual sensibility and artistic nature, Vivian Nash has long sought to set standards of excellence in the dog grooming industry which elevate that industry to an art form. As President of the Nash Academy of Kentucky, the rigorous curriculum she designed creates graduates at the pinnacle of their profession. She has won the bronze, silver and gold medals at Intergroom and International Dog Groomer of the Year in 1986, has been an international dog grooming judge for two decades, and was the winner of the Cardinal Crystal Achievement Award for Dog Grooming Judge of the Year in 1991. Her informed belief in the importance of education led the Governor of Kentucky to appoint her to the Board for Proprietary Education in that state. Her goal, shared with her husband, John, of standardizing judging in dog grooming competitions led her to become co-founder of the International Judges Association for Dog Grooming Competitions.

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