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Long time pioneers in professional dog grooming schools, the Nash Academy has created a series of online courses which, together with its hands-on programs and courses for the training of pet care professionals, provide dog lovers, aspiring pet professionals and pet professionals seeking further training a world of information and professional expertise. John Nash began developing the Nash Academy's curriculum for the education of pet care professionals in 1978, when he saw the need for standardization of the training of these professionals, so that our pets would receive the finest and most compassionate care possible. Now, the Nash Academy is internationally recognized for its leadership and innovation, and its Japanese and German Exchange Program, and affiliations with other organizations and individuals around the world, have truly internationalized the pet care professions and the level of education at professional dog grooming schools.

The Nash Academy is truly a family affair in the very best sense, with John and Vivian Nash, renowned both for their educational innovation and for their internationally recognized skills and awards, and their daughter, raised in the industry, Tanya Nash, at the helm. Another "family member" since he was a child and was introduced to the world of professional dog grooming is Joey Villani, the President of the New Jersey Nash Academy. And the family feeling of love and caring defines the Nash Academy and its attitude toward Man's Best Friend. Nash developed standards of kindness, compassion and safety that are now in use throughout the pet care industry, and insists in imbuing its students and graduates with those values.

At Nash Academy, we believe that dog grooming and styling is one of the most important professions in the world, as man's relationship with the dog has enriched the lives of man for millennia. More than this, though, the milieu of the pet professional is both artistic and creative, and allows those studying it to discover the artist within themselves, through their love of dogs. As a graduate of the Nash Academy, one of the premier professional dog grooming schools in the world, you will be trained for a career in one of the fastest growing industries in the country today. As more Americans have more pets, and more disposable income to spend on their pets, the time is right to find out if this fascinating career is for you.
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