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About Lexington, Kentucky

The Nash Academy of Kentucky is located in the heart of the Bluegrass. Lexington provides many interesting activities for visitors. There are beautiful horse farms to see as well as the Kentucky Horse Park to experience, which takes you back in time to past Kentucky Derby winners, and allows you to visit with such great, living horses as Cigar. Many activities provided by the park are also available to visitors, including horseback riding. Fayette County consists of 283 square miles of gently rolling plateau in the center of the inner Bluegrass Region. The area is noted for its beauty, fertile soil, excellent pastureland and horse and stock farms. Poe Pratensis(bluegrass) thrives on the limestone beneath the soil's surface, playing a major role in the area's scenic beauty and in the development of champion horses. Numerous small creeks rise and flow into the Kentucky River in this picturesque and historic region.

About the Nash Academy Kentucky

The Nash grooming and styling stations are designed for the ultimate in safety, sanitation, aesthetic appeal and organization. Each styling station is equipped with a large mirror, a lighted electric grooming table, a central vac system and an enclosed shelving unit for grooming equipment and grooming products. The bathing room is designed for the comfort and safety of the groomer and the dog. Each bathing station is designed with a safety temperature control for the water, a shampoo system and bathing tubs of varied heights. The drying area is equipped with high velocity and stand dryers. The kennel drying units are computerized with temperature and time controls allowing a safe haven for dogs more suited to kennel drying than table drying.
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