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Applying to Nash Academy, the pet grooming school with decades of tradition and expertise, is more convenient than ever. You can now apply online, or call the Nash Academy at 1.888.491.2064 and speak with one of our skilled Admissions Advisers. Either way, all of the information you need to begin your education for a new career as a pet care professional at this elite dog grooming school is just moments away. There is a one time only, non-refundable $25.00 application for admission fee which, once you are in our system, allows you to register for any Programs or Courses at the Nash Academy. Help with tuition and fees at our dog grooming school is available through various types of financial assistance, one of which might be right for you. If you want to look into financing your education at the Nash Academy, submit the Student Loan Application along with your application to the Nash Academy. Our Admissions Advisers will process your applications and let you know how you should proceed on your way to attending the Nash Academy. If you're planning on attending onsite classes at our pet grooming school, the Nash Academy will assist you with student housing in proximity to the location of your classes. The family atmosphere at our dog grooming school extends to you too: don't hesitate to ask any question regarding any of the complexities of getting your diploma as a certified pet care professional. We can, and will, help you become a Nash student.

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