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Professional Dog Bathing, Grooming, Styling Practical Application Course Series

Learn New Skills or Improve Your Existing Ones with the
International Leaders in Teaching Pet Professionals!

This series of three courses is just what its title indicates: training in the skills every pet care professional needs. Come to the world famous Nash Academy to learn the art of dog grooming and styling :

  • Professional Dog Bathing Onsite (80 clock hours)
  • Professional Dog Grooming Onsite (120 clock hours)
  • Professional Dog Styling Onsite (160 clock hours)

As a Nash-trained bather, groomer or stylist, your skills will be state-of-art, and the demand for your services will surpass anything you can imagine: jobs are waiting, right now, for Nash graduates. Nash Academy offers a certificate for each course you successfully complete, and your Nash Academy skills offer you entry into the elite world of pet care professionals.

This series of courses includes the practical application of all technical skills necessary to groom and style Man's Best Friend. The correct methods of care of the dog's eyes, ears, nose, feet, and brushing teeth will be taught and practiced. Dog bathing, brushing and drying techniques will be practiced daily, including the proper products, tools, and techniques to use on different coat types. You will also be instructed in removing excessive coat to create many different styles using different tools, products, and techniques including clippering, thinning, scissoring, handstripping, carding and deshedding. You will practice creating balance, symmetry, and proper expression, as well as learning how to avoid creating faults.
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