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Dog Bathing Basics Onsite

If You Dream of Entering the World of Highly-Trained, Skilled Pet Care Professionals ...

Study at the internationally renowned Nash Academy, and learn how to professionally bathe dogs. After successfully completing this 80 hour practical course, you will receive a certificate documenting your expertise in required skills, and as a Nash graduate, jobs are waiting for you. If you are looking for a new career as a pet care professional, or if you want to improve your existing skills, this course is for you. This course provides you with the skills you need to enter the exciting world of pet care professionals and experience first hand what it's like to work with dogs on a daily basis. Longing to find out if this is the job path for you? It's easy: this course makes your dream a reality.

This course includes the practical application of all technical skills necessary to brush, bathe and dry Man's Best Friend. The correct methods of care of the dog's eyes, ears, nose, feet, and brushing teeth will be taught and practiced. Dog bathing, brushing and drying techniques will be practiced daily, including the proper products, tools, and techniques to use on different coat types. You will also be instructed in removing shedding coat using different tools, products, and techniques.
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