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Understanding and Taking Care of the Cat

Understanding and Taking Care of the Cat - Domestic Short Hair Cat

Attention Cat Lovers!

The internationally renowned Nash Academy, famous for their dog-related online and on-site courses, are proud to present their first online cat course. If you are a cat lover, or a dog bather, groomer or stylist seeking to expand your business into cat grooming, this online course on every aspect of cat care, breeds, health, nutrition, first aid, illness and of course grooming will be available in the innovative Nash online curriculum. Whether you simply want to learn how to take ideal care of your beloved feline companion, or are seeking to learn how to groom cats safely and compassionately, this course is for you. Be the first to immerse yourself in the Nash knowledge about cats--it will change the way you look at and love your cat. Cat lovers are a breed apart, much like their beloved pets--enjoy and know your cat fully, and add the cat to your grooming repertoire!

This course will explore such issues as:

  • Why are cats so independent?
  • How much grooming does an average cat need?
  • Why would man create so many different breeds of cat?
  • What is a proper diet for a healthy cat?
  • How many ways are there to groom a cat?
  • Is it possible to bathe a cat without getting hurt?
  • If cats are such great predators, why are kittens born so helpless?
  • What makes a cat such a good hunter?
  • My cat is hurt, what do I do?
  • What is the proper equipment, products and tools necessary to safely groom short and long hair cats?
  • What are the proper technical skills to groom short and long hair cats?
  • How do you safely secure a cat during salon procedures?
  • What tools and technical skills are needed to clipper matts out of the coat of the cat?
  • How do you care for the eyes and ears?
  • How do you trim a cat's nails?
  • What is stud tail and its treatment?
  • What are hairballs and how do you prevent them?
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