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Dog Grooming Basics Onsite

The World Famous Nash Academy ...

... international leaders in dog grooming, train you in their elite grooming techniques. This 120 hour course is taught in a state-of-the-art salon setting. Learn the grooming techniques that make Nash graduates among the most sought after dog groomers in the world. If you are looking for a more satisfying, creative career, or seeking to improve your existing grooming skills, the Nash Academy certificate in dog grooming opens doors for you worldwide. Dog grooming is one of the most rapidly expanding professions in the world--become a part of it by learning from the acclaimed Nash Academy.

This course includes the practical application of all technical skills necessary to groom Man's Best Friend. In addition to the techniques learned in bathing Man's Best Friend, the focus will be on removing excessive coat to create many different styles using different tools, products, and techniques including clippering, thinning, scissoring, handstripping, carding and deshedding. You will practice creating balance, symmetry, and proper expression, as well as learning how to avoid creating faults.
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