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Understanding the Horse

Understanding the Horse - Two Horses

If You Dream of Working With Horses...

Then our "Understanding the Horse" course is for you. This course introduces you to all of the basic concepts of equine psychology, behavior, and anatomy. All of the theory that you need to know to work with horses on a daily basis is included, so that, if your best friend is your horse, you will literally know what he is thinking, and will understand why he behaves the way he does.

If you are a horse lover who has always dreamed of working with horses on a daily basis, the information in this course will provide you with the foundation on which you can build your dream career!

The world of the horse is unique among companion animals, and this exciting new course will teach you:

  • How and why did man first begin to use horses?
  • How is the history of the horse commingled with the history of war?
  • What are the different breeds of horses, and what are their uses?
  • What is the difference between "warmbloods," "coldbloods" and "hotbloods?"
  • Why do you need to understand the temperamental differences between male and female horses?
  • Should male horses be castrated, or gelded?
  • What should the perfect horse look like?
  • How do we measure the size of horses?
  • Why are horses more like rabbits than like dogs, cats or man?
  • What does it mean to be a prey species?
  • What instincts or impulses affect the horse's response to a frightening situation?
  • Why is the horse so cooperative?
  • What does it mean to be a herd animal?
  • What is the flight impulse and how does it affect the horse's behavior?
  • Why must you separate a horse from its herd to work with it?
  • How do humans appear to horses?
  • How can body language be utilized in training?
  • Do horses form lasting friendship with other horses? With humans?
  • How do horses recognize each other?
  • How should you look at your horses to determine, at a glance, if they are healthy?
  • What are some of the visible symptoms of illness in a horse?
  • How often should you worm your horse, and what products are available for de-worming?
  • What vaccinations does your horse need to protect him from contagious illness?
  • What illnesses must your horse be vaccinated against?
  • How can you keep your horses' feet healthy?
  • What are some common concerns regarding foot health?
  • What types of feed are available, and what are the positives and negatives in various feeding decisions?
  • What should your barn's first aid kit have in it, and why?
  • What is colic? What are its causes? What are its symptoms? What can you do to treat a colic, and what should your vet do?
  • What is laminitis? How is it related to colic? Is it necessarily a death sentence for the afflicted horse?
  • What illnesses threaten the lives of foals? What are cutting edge treatments for foal pneumonia? How do you tell if a foal is sick?
  • Why is it always a good guess that a lame horse has a hoof abscess? What treatment can you undertake for a hoof abscess? When should you call a vet or farrier?
  • What causes eye infections in horses? What drugs work best on eye infections?
  • What are some of the most common skin problems in horses? Is rain rot really caused by rain? Is dew poisoning caused by dew? What treatments should you undertake for rain rot and dew poisoning? For insect bites, hives or welts?
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