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Our Combination Programs revolutionize learning by offering online courses in a lot of the material previously taught and discussed solely in the Traditional Programs. The courses we offer online are carefully crafted to contain everything once taught only in a classroom setting at the Nash Academy, and our own Nash Academy instructors teach the online classes, giving you the full benefit of their knowledge and training in the Nash methods. Once you've completed the online portion of the program, you're ready, with a solid foundation, to begin the hands-on study and apply everything you've learned to your onsite study for your new career as a pet care professional. Learn the basics of the Nash methods at home, in your own time, when you want, before you move into the onsite portion of the programs. This innovative approach to learning about a new career in the professional pet care world allows you to experience and understand the pet care professions without leaving the comfort of your own home and your own computer.

The Combination Program:

Professional Dog Grooming & Styling Combination Diploma Program
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