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Online, Onsite and Combination Programs

The Nash Academy offers Online, Onsite and Combination Programs leading to a diploma or certificate, which utilize the combined expertise and savvy of Vivian and John Nash, two of the most renowned and celebrated pet care professionals of our time. The Nash Academy Programs consist of a series of courses for pet lovers and pet care professionals. The question to ask yourself is, which Nash Avenue is right for you?

Online (Online Only)

In its continuing desire to improve and facilitate education in the Pet Care Professions, the Nash Academy now offers completely Online Programs which allow you to study at home, at your own pace, in your own time. For the motivated student seeking to learn a new profession while still working in his or her old job, or for those with an interest in learning more about their pets and the world those pets inhabit, these courses offer a treasure trove of knowledge. All you need is enough discipline to turn on your computer and learn—let the Nash Academy do the rest in terms of leading you through carefully designed courses packed with important information about Man's Best Friend.

Traditional (Onsite Only)

The Practical Application Programs are taught onsite, at the Nash Academy or an Externship location, where the focus is on traditional-type learning: instructors lead you through the programs, teach you the hands-on skills necessary, and engage you in discussion of self-study material each student is required to read on his or her own. If you are the kind of person who learns best through experience, through hands-on, and through instructor-led discussions and demonstrations, then the Traditional Programs at the Nash Academy will be right for you. If you never liked the "book work part of school," but love working with your hands, and love working with dogs, the Traditional Program might be the best path for you.

Combination (Online and Onsite)

If you want to go another way down Nash Avenue to reach the same destination, our Combination Programs revolutionize learning by offering online courses in a lot of the material taught and discussed in the Traditional Programs. If you are the kind of student who enjoys reading, loved school, is disciplined and self-directed, and can extrapolate easily from the abstract to the practical—that is, if what you read makes as much sense to you as what you experience—then the Combination Programs might be right for you. Our carefully constructed courses, full of the Nash treasure trove of knowledge about pets, lead you through everything you need to know to begin to train, hands-on, for your new career as a pet care professional. Once you've completed the online portion of the program, you're ready, with a solid foundation, to begin the hands-on study. As you fulfill the onsite portion of the program, all of your previous study will be made real and practical, and you can apply it to a living, breathing pet right in front of you.

CPE Programs (Credit for Previous Experience)

If you are a dog groomer desiring a certificate or diploma from the Nash Academy, indicating the high level of your skills, or if you have previous experience working with dogs and you have decided to become a dog groomer, it is possible to test out of up to 50% of the Nash Academy's courses, receive credit for your knowledge, and move directly into the more advanced courses once you have tested out of the areas in which you have expertise. At the Nash Academy, we understand that pet care professionals may want to move into related fields, or receive certification, and we will work with you through our CPE Programs to do this.

Your Path to Success

These may seem like different paths, but they all put you squarely on Nash Avenue, and prepare you for an exciting new career. By knowing yourself, and the way in which you learn best, you can choose the best way to absorb all that the Nash Academy has to offer.
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