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The Nash Academy's Traditional Programs immerse you in the famous Nash methods of professional dog grooming and styling in the old fashioned way: hands-on, onsite, learning with the very tools you will use in your new profession, with a living, breathing dog on the grooming table in front of you every step of the way. If you are the kind of student who needs that kind of hands-on environment, and you learn best through practical application of skills, our Traditional Programs are right for you. Highly skilled and trained Nash Academy instructors lead you through every step of professional dog grooming and styling, and share their in-depth knowledge of the famous Nash methods. There is, as well, a self-study portion of the Traditional Programs, but even in this you will be guided by the Nash instructors, so that you are never on your own in the new world of professional pet care.

The Traditional Program:

Professional Dog Grooming & Styling Traditional Diploma Program
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