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Wouldn't it be great to go to work every day in a profession where your work is your passion? Where you get to express your creativity, your artistic side? And if you love dogs, and have dreamed of working with them in the rapidly expanding field of dog grooming, isn't it time you made your dreams come true? All of these things are not only possible...they can be your reality. The Nash Academy can start you on the road to a career as a pet care professional in the art of dog grooming and styling or many other related jobs in this fascinating industry, and satisfaction and fulfillment in your career are waiting for you, just around the corner.

At the Nash Academy, we pride ourselves in giving our graduates the skills and knowledge necessary to get a jump start on a successful career in dog grooming. Each Nash Academy program graduate has the option of requesting our career placement assistance upon completion of his or her education. In fact, all graduates have the option of requesting placement assistance at any point throughout their career. We have successfully been able to maintain an extremely high placement rate for our Nash graduates.

With the Nash Academy's innovative online programs in dog grooming and dog care, you can prepare for your future at home, in your free time, making your own schedule and your own hours. Studying has never been easier or more convenient. Because the Nash Academy's curriculum has been developed and refined over decades by some of the most accomplished and innovative practitioners of dog grooming and styling, John and Vivian Nash, what you learn from their online courses is what you need to know to excel at your new career as a pet care professional.
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