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The Nash Academy has been training pet care professionals since 1979. Read what our graduates and industry professionals have to say about the Nash Academy!

Nash Graduates

Maria Mirti - Nash Online Graduate 2005

This course rocks! It's going quite well and I'm enjoying it very much. Starting next week I am planning on taking the next course in the Diploma Program titled: "Form and Function of Man's Best Friend".

Chris Richardson - Doggie D'Tails, Nash Online Graduate 2005

How is everything going at Nash? Well I cannot begin to tell you how well the Nash Team trained for the ever changing world of Dog Grooming. I really miss everyone and hope to come back soon for more training. I am doing very well with Doggie D'Tails. I have about 2 to 3 dogs a day right now and that is great for me. Please tell Nikki that my time management is getting better. Please tell everyone hi for me. Oh I miss doing scissorcize with everyone. John, Viv and Tanya, life is good working with animals. Nash has provided me a foundation that I have been able to build on. I really miss coming to Nash everyday. The quality of dogs that comes in is not what I see now, but most of all I miss Nikki, Melody and Tim, your solid rocks of Nash Academy. John, I would thank Nash Academy for everything that I have learned at this point and in the future. I still believe that the top groomers will be well educated from schools like Nash and seminars. I don't have to be the best, just the best I can be. Thanks.

Elizabeth Sizemore - Nash Online Graduate 2005

"I'm enjoying them (the courses) greatly. They are very informative, and go into great detail. I never knew there could be so much to learn about one animal ... We (or I) seem to be half through the courses, and I hope the rest are as fun and informative as the others were."

Kathy Weathers - Nash Graduate 2004

Dear Nash, Tanya, Tim ,Nicki, I am enrolled in the Kentucky school and I am having a blast!!!!!! I am learning something new every day! Everyone is bright and cheery every morning which makes the day go very fast! I love it there! I am very impressed how everything runs so smoothly and I feel I am learning from some of the best Groomers in the nation! Thank you for making my time at your school so enjoyable! It's work but it's fun!!! Thanks again!

Will Comparsi - Desert Pets, Owner, Nash Test Out Graduate, 2004

Hello to all my very good friends at Nash, I just wanted to let you know that I have a wonderful student that I want to send your way, I feel very confident that she will be a remarkable stylist, with the help of the Nash experience. From my time at Nash I know of the high expectations of your courses and turn out some of the best groomers in the world. As you know, I have more respect for your talent and expertise then anyone else, thank you all very much.

Marilyn Smith - Salon Manager, Petsmart 2003

I sent Jim Kelley from Petsmart to your school, (I think 3 years ago). I wanted to let you know that I am glad that he went to your school. He is doing a great job for my shop in Austin, TX. He speaks highly about the training that he had while at your classes. Just thought you might like to know. Thanks for training your students so well.

Susan O'Neal - Precious Angels Pet Salon, Owner, Nash Graduate 2002

"I want to thank you with all my heart for all that you have done for me. I am so full of joy at this time, that I may just start crying. I am sitting in my very own grooming salon. It would have never been a salon of these high standards if I had not gone to school at Nash. I am so grateful that I am a part of the Nash family."

Hai Nguyen - Hai Max Dog Salon, Nash Graduate 2002

"I want to thank you for all the help and support Nash has given me. I can not even begin to put into words how lovely you people are. I lead my team just like the way you would. So all of you guys are a part of me and I would not have it any other way."

Donna Berggren - Indiana, Nash Graduate 2002

"Thank you both for sharing your wonderful philosophy and knowledge, and also for being so kind and understanding when I needed it."

Melissa Maston - Mobile Grooming, Pennsylvania, Nash Graduate 2002

"I can't begin to tell you how lucky I feel that I ended up with you all in Lexington. I hope I can do you proud."

Melony Snyder - Texas, Nash Student 2000

"Thank you so much for all you have done for me. Your trust in me has taken me to a new level of confidence. All your help is greatly appreciated."

Melissa Manion - Ohio, Nash Student 2000

"This was an experience of a lifetime. Thank you for being so positive."

Tina Duncan - Kentucky, Nash Student 2000

"Thanks for being so understanding. This has been great for me and I have learned a great deal for a better career."

Lynda Soos - Nash Student 2000

"It's been great! Lots of fun and a wonderful experience of a lifetime."

Gloria Ho - Singapore, Nash Test Out Graduate 2000

"Some things I'm much faster at, but then others I've slowed down a whole lot. But I'll admit I am a much better groomer since I've been back."

Suzanne Whitaker - Nash Student 2000

"Thank you all for the knowledge and memories."

Tami Lampkin - Nash Student 2000

"I'm proud to say I have attended Nash Academy! I will always remember and cherish the times we had."

Cheryl Dunkle - Nash Student 2000

"It was well worth all the sacrifices that my family and I made in order to attend Nash Academy. My first day back to work I groomed 6 dogs and was proud of my work. I want to thank you all for your expertise and outstanding training. It has and will continue to be a great asset in my career, for which I am grateful. I have taken a great deal back to Florida from Nash Academy."

Larry Carpenter - Nash Student 2000

"What a great experience. Not only do you learn the proper grooming techniques, but the spirit and caring method of servicing the pets that are in our care. The Nash Academy staff do an excellent job in bringing it all together."

Bettina Smith-Horn - Germany, Nash Test Out Graduate 1998

"There is not one day when I'm not thinking about the Nash Academy."

Maja Brljafa - Croatia, Nash Graduate 1996

"I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to become a professional pet groomer.

Kattia Perez - Nash Graduate 1993

Let's see, I don't know if you are going to remember me. I'm from Costa Rica and I was in your school in 1993. I came back to Costa Rica and I've being grooming since. I never got the chance to thank you for everything, but here in my country I'm considered one of the best groomers thanks to what I learned there. My English is still awful, I haven't practice in years. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say. Thanks again.

Tamara Myers-White - Nash Graduate 1993

Hello Nash Academy ... Kallee and I are both retired. She was a very successful cadaver dog in my area. Due to Nash Academy and the great instruction, I had a very lucrative time with my grooming business. Thanks again, especially to Vivian and John. Your hand scissoring techniques, that I used on my dogs that I groomed, absolutely floored the people in my area. I have taught your techniques to other groomers in my area. Thank you so much again.

Karen Gadient - Nash Graduate 1992

Hello! Just wanted to send a quick email to give you an update on what's become of one of your graduates from over ten years ago (1992). Strangely enough, I ended up specializing in cat grooming—although I still groom dogs too. Although I no longer groom full-time—I'm also a graphic designer, I have a sweet bunch of clients part-time and lots of warm memories of my time at Nash in New Jersey. I always recommend the school to those I meet (either in real life or online) who are interested in a grooming education. I shall be saying the most glorious things, since my time at Nash was one of favorite experiences. My clients are impressed and I am proud. You guys are the best!

Helena Picariello - Owner, Pet Crazy, Nash Graduate 1987

I am a graduate from way back in 1987. I just want to thank John Nash and Joey for the great education that was given to me, it is priceless!!!! Attending Nash Academy was one of the best things I have done. Seven years ago I moved to Cape Coral, Florida, one of my lifelong dreams. I finally opened up my own salon called "Pet Crazy." Life is getting so great with my own business!!!!!!!!! My Pet Sitting just exploded!!!!!!! I have such great plans for growth, the potential is incredible!!!!!!! I have met the most fantastic people with pets, we are a special breed, lol. Well, Thank you ... I never got to say that.

Donna Jeffery - Parent of a Nash Graduate 1986

"I just wanted to thank you for running such an excellent school and in such an efficient manner. Mark has done nothing but rave about how happy he is in his choice. He loves the grooming, loves the school, and says the instructors are all A-1. Continued success to you and our thanks for giving students a large push in their search for a career. Certainly our son sounds like a new person now that he is so enthused and ready to go to work for himself."

Marcella Lolos - Nash Graduate 1982

"I want to tell you that I have a lot more confidence in myself now than I did four months ago. I owe it to your wonderful school. #1 School Nash Academy."

Barbara St. John - Nash Graduate 1981

"Just a note of recognition for the fine training program the school and staff offered to me as a student. The classes and lectures helped me succeed in my employment. Upon graduation you were very helpful in my obtaining grooming jobs and finally the opening of my own business. Again thank you for helping me in the career I've wanted for so long."

Diane E. Sorrentino - Owner, House of Grooming, New Jersey, Nash Graduate 1980

"Thanks to your fine training I have taken a business that was doing three dogs a day to one that is now doing an average of ten dogs a day. Things have gotten so busy that I now employ a graduate of your school. It is a pleasure to have someone you can trust to groom a dog well and to handle customers and their questions with the same devotion as the owner. I will soon need another groomer, and I will again hire someone that has trained with you. You seem to turn out students that take pride in their work."

Industry Professionals

Nancy Opie - Liberty Canine Care Center, Nash Graduate 1994

"Thank you very much for your terrific academy. I assure you I will recommend your graduates to anyone who inquires."

Teresa G. Campbell - Manager, Franklin Kennels 1994

"I feel very comfortable with your graduates' capabilities and would love to add more to my group."

Mary Lou Blanco - Office Manager, Oradell Animal Hospital, New Jersey 1981

"I just wanted to send you a note of thanks for your fine training of two of your former students ... I couldn't ask for more efficient, pleasant, and professional employees."

Lawrence - Owner, Dog World Grooming and Supply Center 1981

"There was a time when I said I would never hire a student right out of grooming school. Through past experience I found they were lacking in many aspects of grooming. Recently, I had the opportunity of hiring a graduate of the Nash Academy of Animal Arts. I was very pleased to see the well-rounded grooming background that she received through your school. Not only was she taught the necessary clipper and scissor work, but she also had knowledge of all breeds, first aid and customer relations. In the future, I would not hesitate to hire a student from the Nash Academy of Animal Arts."
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